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Compiled And Edited By Barbara C NkalaPublisher: Radiant Publishing Company, Harare, ZimbabweYear: 2008ISBN: 0 7974 3653 4(Shona and Ndebele translations also available)

A sudden accident, a short or long illness, expected or unexpected, it happens. It happens to young and old, educated and uneducated, male or female, rich or poor, married or single, black or white…it does not matter! Death comes to all of us. King Solomon makes it clear that there is no discharge from that day when it comes.  No one has ever been late for their funeral! When god takes the spirit, life stops and death settles in. the tragedy though is that we never prepare for it, and when it does happen to our loved ones, we are paralyzed by grief….as you read these sad stories and feel the pain of how different ones have handled grief, I trust you will be encouraged to see that death is not the end, that it has no victory over us. We do not need to walk in fear….” – Pastor Ngwiza Mnkandla, President of DAWN Ministries International.
Rainbow After A Storm is a collection of real life experiences of people who share how they have grappled with losing a loved one, the process of grieving ad the struggle to cope with loss. These profound stories show that you are not alone in you grief. Countless others seek meaning to life in the same way when confronted by loss of a beloved one. It might be loss of a wife, a husband, a son, a daughter, a brother or a parent. The pain of loss is equally overwhelming. The bereaved need the same comfort, encouragement and hope to rebuild their world that has crumbled around them. They all need to see a rainbow after their devastating storm. Share the experience of these brothers and sisters.


Co-authored by Doris Dube and Barbara C NkalaPublisher: Radiant Publishing CompanyYear: 2011ISBN: 978-0-7974-4660-1

“These pages reveal a golden heart that refused to be destroyed by bitterness, remained open despite the many times it was betrayed, and loved without expecting anything in return. It is easy to love the lovable, those who will return our favours. Golide loved the stranger from whom she could expect nothing in return. She loved people because they were people made in the image of God. She also loved her enemies. Love is not an emotion but a choice demonstrated by our deeds.” – Pastor Ngwiza Mnkandla
A prayer warrior full of grace, perhaps nobody in the eyes of the world but definitely more than somebody to her children. She did not have the glory and splendour of kings and queens, the fame of politicians, the prestige of business magnates, nor the popularity of artists. But, GOLIDE – Gogo Khokho lived a full life, loved deeply and unconditionally, and left a wonderful legacy for her children, and her children’s children.


Author: Fortune Senamile NkomoPublisher: Radiant Publishing CompanyYear: 2013ISBN: 978-0-7974-4824-7
The Caledonian Mercury in 1821 offered its assessment of British power at its zenith, famously declaring “the sun never sets on the British empire”. A century and a quarter later, the British sun began to sink into the western horizon.
Joshua Nqabuko Nkomo, the son of a London Missionary Society lay preacher, school teacher, dip-tank supervisor and thriving farmer, was asked by the African people to haul down the Union Jack and set up a new state called Zimbabwe. Educated in Southern Rhodesia, and then South Africa (where he met Nelson Mandela and many other nationalists of influence), Nkomo soon became a uniting figure to the African people of his country.
So iconic was he that he was crowned ‘King of Zimbabwe’ by his supporters. Before Zimbabwe was born, Nkomo and thousands of nationalists were thrown into detention for a decade. Among those detained was Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who was destined to make a purposeful ascent to the throne of the new Zimbabwe.
After his release from prison, Nkomo – as well as Mugabe – was obliged to leave the country and spearhead a six-year war against Mr. Ian Smith’s Security Forces. The nation that the African nationalists had sought to bring about for so long was eventually born on 18 April 1980, with Robert Mugabe as Prime Minister. Misunderstandings between Nkomo’s PF ZAPU and Mugabe’s ZANU PF meant that ‘Mdala’, as he was affectionately known, would have no rest until the December 1987 Unity Accord with ZANU PF.
Because of Nkomo’s single minded commitment to the nationalist cause, he was appropriately accorded the appellation ‘Father Zimbabwe’. This is his story. It is also a story of many men of history, a tale of gold, cattle, and land. It is a tale of courage and sacrifice, of vision, and hope.


Author: Doris DubePublisher: Radiant Publishing CompanyYear: 1992ISBN: 0-7974-2444-X(First Published By Matopo Book Centre, Bulawayo, 1992)
Silent Labourers is a true account of testimonies on women who have given their service without a trumpet to sing praises to them. They have laboured for love, with the grand assurance that He who is love will reward them. These are stories from Brethren in Christ Church in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Read on and be enriched by their humble experiences.


Authors: Stephen Adei and Georgia AdeiPublisher: Radiant Publishing CompanyISBN: 0-7974-2536-5(First published In 1997 By African Christian Press, Achimota, Ghana)

GROWING AND BRANCHING OUT: Brethren In Christ Church in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa

Authors: Barbara C Nkala and Doris DubePublisher: Radiant PublishingYear: 2014ISBN:  978 0 7974 5977 9
The early Brethren In Christ Zimbabwe Church gave priority to making inroads into evangelism , education, healthcare and food production and leadership development. These were mainly the missionaries that hailed from North America. As that labour developed, many men and women went out and bore fruit as the Lord gifted each one. Their contribution to the body of the church dovetailed to produce a beautiful quilt  with the kind of patchwork tapestry that only God can weave to bless his children. This book has been written in an effort to capture and share some of what has been happening during the last few years in the BICC in Zimbabwe and also in Southern Africa. At this time of this writing, the church has fewer and fewer of the first and/ or even the second generation of BICC members still living. Many have passed on. Sadly, libraries of knowledge have been buried with them.
Ukutshelwa yikuncitshwa (Do not rely on hearsay). Read for yourself and be inspired!


UMUSA WANSUKU ZONKE Ugwalo 1 & 2 (Daily Grace Books 1 & 2)

Publisher: Radiant PublishingYear: 2006ISBN: 0 7974 3112 8Tel: +263 772231304
UmusaWansuku Zonke – Ugwalo 1 & 2 (Daily Grace Books 1 & 2)are an annual series of Ndebele devotions. There is a daily Scripture with a key verse, the writer’s exposition and application of Scripture, with a prayer at the end, or some wise expression. There is also a daily guide to reading the Bible in a year. The devotion is a daily guide to reading the Bible in a meaningful way every day.“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119: 105, NIV).

THAPH’ ULUJU Iqoqo Lezindatshana, Ilifa Lakho
Publisher: Radiant PublishingYear: 2010ISBN: 978 0 7974 4279 5                   Tel: +263 772231304

THAPH’ ULUGU Iqoqo Lezindatshana, Ilifa Lakho (Tap from the Honeycomb – A Collection of Stories, Your Heritage) – These stories dwell on a variety of issues that people grapple with on a daily basis, and are expressed in rich language. Some provide a historical perspective of certain events, some provoke deep thought and others make you feel proud of who you are. Zithaphele uluju lwenyosi uchathekele abanye

Author: Isaac N. MpofuPublisher: Radiant Publishing Year: 2011ISBN 978 0 7974 4280 1Tel.: +263 772231304

Sithini IsiNdebele? (What does the Ndebele language Say?) is a text showing that the Ndebele language is a wholesome language that expresses what was yesterday, what is today and what will be tomorrow. Mpofu says it is not a language that lacks vocabulary in modern life but it is able to express even scientific, mathematical and even medical terms. This text also shows the correct way of expressing certain terms that are now expressed incorrectly. Mpofu seeks to show how beautiful and rich the Ndebele language is.


   Author: Tsitsi Nomsa Ngwenya
Publisher: Radiant Publishing
Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-07974-7241-9

Izinyawo Zayizolo (Yesterday’s Footprints) yindaba eqathanisa ukuthethwa kwamacala kwelezolo, ngezindlela zakudala; lokwakhathesi emthethwandaba yesiLungu. Kambe okwezolo kungcono na kulokwalamhla? Yikusilela bani okukhona ekwenzeni kwalamhla lokwezolo?Sikhumbula njalo amasiko ethu; awokucela izulu, ukugcina inhlanyelo, amalima, ukuthathana, lokunye njalo. Zifundele uzizwele. Sibona njalo intombi, uZanele Hadebe, ezidla izibindi njengofudu. Yozala nkomoni?